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Fishing knowledge that helps to catch more.

Explore your waters and search for new.

Peak into popular waters. Check out the little dots on the map. These represent waters that are kind of popular among our community. Discover promising fishing spots before leaving your doorstep.

Maps are based on community activity. All data being used is anonymised.

Check detailed water overview. Information about water body in one place. Weather conditions and forecast, shared trophies, sun and moon graphs and more.

Shared trophies do not disclose exact fishing spot or notes.

Mark spots directly on the map. Place potential fishing spots and other points of interest on the map and add notes for your convenience.

Add places. Mark fishing, boat launching, camping places, and other points of interest.

Log catches. Have detailed records with photos and notes on your fishing achievements.

Always have plan B. Easily find another spot if there are too many anglers in the one you've arrived at.

Choose best spots to drop your anchor by exploring lake contours. Find bays when it’s windy and other good areas to fish from your boat.

Bring the right gear for chosen waters. Know what you’ll need based on weather, location, and fish species you want to catch.

Discover underwater features. Drop-offs, hidden islands, holes, and more.
Now available in 3D!

Evaluate fishing conditions. Current and future.

Detailed weather forecast. Take advantage of the weather’s impact on fish activity based on temperature, atmospheric pressure or precipitation and choose the right place and time for your fishing session.




Atmospheric Pressure

Celestial Objects



Cloud Cover

UV Index

Choose the right bait and technique. Learn how fish may act based on different weather conditions such as atmospheric pressure and precipitation.

Bring necessary gear for the weather. Dress in layers in case of weather changes, have the right gear, and don’t forget sunscreen if you’ll fish under the sun.

Stay safe and avoid dangerous weather conditions. Have a plan for seeking shelter if necessary.

Keep an eye on the moon phases. Some believe that they influence fish behaviour. For instance, during the new moon and full moon periods, fish may feed more actively, especially at night.

Uncover the details of your favourite waters.

Premium Maps

2D Depth Maps. One of the largest databases of regularly updated community-based depth maps.

Precision of 0.3m/1ft.

Works offline.

Premium Maps

3D Terrain Maps. Stunning three-dimensional terrain maps showcasing topographic underwater features.

Available online only for waters that are mapped at least 70%.

Colour target areas where fish might be. Based on season and weather, highlight certain depths in any colour you like.

Safely navigate the waters with your boat. Avoid sandbars, humps, rocks, and other obstacles.

Anchor right. Choose a better spot to drop your anchor when it’s windy by exploring maps and finding bays.

Detect depth changes with precision of 0.3m/1ft. Unmatched accuracy means you’ll find what you see where you see it on the map.

Easily access fishing spots with your boat. Find the best way to get to where you want to.

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